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Who wouldn’t want THEM? :0

Who wouldn’t want THEM? :0


Danish firm HBH puts it’s own spin on the Aston Martin Martin V12 Vantage giving us the twin-turbocharged 666 hp HBH Bulldog.

The 6.0 liter engine delivers 548 lb-ft of torque and will hit a top speed of 186 mph. Test drives are slated to begin in early 2013.

Aside from the engine being place behind the cabin, the Bulldog GT features unique aluminum bodywork that looks suitably Aston-like and accommodates placing the engine in the middle. And in case the 6.0-liter V12 lifted from the Vantage weren’t powerful enough, HBH has bolted on two superchargers to boost output up to 666 horsepower. That’s said to be enough for a 3.9-second run to 62 mph and a 186-mph top end, but we wouldn’t be surprised to find those numbers conservative.

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koenigsegg ccx


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i want this lol


i want this lol

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